Friday, 12 April 2013

International Friendship Day 2013 - The World In Singapore

Hello Class,

Here are the discussion questions for today's CE lesson.

Integrating Foreigners in Singapore
Adapted from the Reach (Reaching Everyone for Active Citizenry@ Home) Website

Some contributors to the online forum on the REACH website expressed unhappiness over the rapid influx of foreigners into Singapore. Several felt that local citizens should be accorded more privileges than PRs, since Singaporeans were more likely to pledge allegiance to the country, unlike PRs who might leave the country once they had achieved their goals.

Contributors further lamented that Singaporeans were facing strong competition from foreigners for jobs, especially amidst the current downturn where job opportunities were already limited. In this respect, a few hoped that the Government would not only lower the foreign worker quota, but also impose more stringent standards when issuing employment passes and work permits to foreign workers.

Notwithstanding all these concerns, there were those who acknowledged that foreigners do contribute positively to our nation. They believe that the presence of foreigners was necessary to enhance the level of economic vibrancy in Singapore. Nonetheless, they note that the foreigners need to integrate into Singapore society, and to do so, the contributors felt that both Singaporeans and foreigners should make an equal effort. For example, they feel that foreigners should adapt to the local way of life and brush up on their command of the English language so as to facilitate communication between the locals and the foreigners.

Hot Bites
"While I agree that Singapore's declining birth rate is a valid concern as it will affect our economy and hence our very survival, I do not agree that looking up for so called 'foreign talent' to make up the short fall is a solution."
- Raymond Lo Wan Mou, via discussion forum

"Foreign talents are required if they can open more job openings for Singaporeans, but it seems that these foreign talents are robbing jobs away from Singapore talents..."
- Unemployed Singaporean, via discussion forum

"I can see why MM Lee would like Singapore to accept more foreign talent because it is important for Singapore to be economically vibrant."
- Xynic, via discussion

"I like to ask whether it is solely the citizens' responsibility to integrate foreign takes 2 hands to clap...When we present ourselves in other countries, one of the vital things to assimilate us with the locals is to speak their majority spoken language."
-       Pink IC no use, via discussion forum

Discussion Questions:
1.     To what extent do you agree that the relationship shared between foreigners and citizens is a symbiotic [1]one? [Concepts/ Ideas]

2.     In the article, the author highlights several traits to define the Singaporean Identity. To what extent do you agree with them? [Points of View]

3.     Based on the article, what are your thoughts about how we as Singaporeans should build our identity?

·      Use the post-activity reflection activity in the Generic Activity For Secondary Level to get students to reflect on their learning.

[1] In this case, Symbiosis is a cooperative relationship between two or more individuals.  

Post-Activity Reflection Template
Think Back:
-       What are some of your personal thoughts and feelings?
-       What were some points of discussion that you found interesting and/or meaningful? Why?

Learn From It:
-       What have you learnt from this activity?
-       What are the values you have learnt and why do you want to uphold these values?

Do It Better:
-       How do you think you can transfer your learning in your everyday life?
-       How would you think or act in the future as a result of this experience / sharing?

Friday, 5 April 2013

Exploring Careers: The Conventional and Unconventional

Hello Class,

We have explored a few conventional and unconventional careers over the past 2 week's CE lessons.

We have also uncovered the reasons for pursuing a particular career. Some of the reasons include: Interest, passion, renumeration, market segment and so on.

Individual CE assignment:
Based on the career that you have interest in / that you would like to pursue, research the working requirements necessary for the job (e.g. number of years of working experience, background knowledge and skills, etc...)

Date due: Friday, 11 April, 10:00am

Respond by adding to this thread. Keep in mind that inappropriate posts are not allowed.

Thank you.
Mr. Patrick Hiap