Thursday, 14 March 2013

CE - Career Education Lesson 3 - Planning my career

Hello S4-06,

Prior to tomorrow's (Fri, 15 Mar) CE lesson, I would like you to search (either classifieds / online job search engines) about careers that you are interested in. Bring your attention to the requirements (e.g. minimum qualifications, experience, additional skills).

We will be doing a sharing based on this.

Class clean-up (last 10 mins of CE lesson)
*Let's take another class picture before we take down the decorations.
Gentlemen: please bring a rag each (cupboard contents, class decorations <reusable?>
Ladies: Will be helping to tidy up the classroom (noticeboards, top of cupboards).

Daniel (Enviro): will organize and facilitate (as well as 'Do').

I have also found some info about JC admission criteria and University (a few years old but generally unchanged). I'll try to bring tomorrow for those who are interested.

Mr. Patrick Hiap

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