Monday, 15 July 2013

View the following for Racial Harmony Day CE Lesson

Hello Class,

Read the following: Here

-       What were your thoughts upon reading the headlines?
-       What could be the possible adverse effect if we accept the headlines at face value?
-       What could be the likely motive of displaying such headlines?

-       Why do you think we are still able to maintain racial and religious harmony even though such headlines were presented?

Each group will consist of the following roles:
-       a social worker who has had experience counselling youths;
-       a concerned parent;
-       an educator;
-       a non-Singaporean living in Singapore who is considering raising his family here and taking up Singapore citizenship; and,

-       the news editor / blogger who published the article / issue.

Kindly post your reflections following this thread.

Thank you.
Mr. Patrick Hiap & Ms. Yap Hui Min
15 July 2013

Think Back:
-       In what ways have you shown appreciation for the customs and practices of others?
-       In what ways have you shown respect for others from different racial and religious background?

Learn From It:
-       Why do we need to be respectful in our interactions with others?
-       Why is it important to know the significance of religious and cultural practices of people from different racial background?
-       What did you learn from the lesson?

Do It Better:
-       Suggest new opportunities you can explore to learn more about the customs, practices and religious beliefs of others.
-       As a classmate/ CCA member/ student leader, reflect on how you can promote better inter-racial and inter-religious understanding in school.
-       How will you apply these social situations that you might encounter in future?

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